Anger Against Complacency

It is the only thing that ever drives me.
Guess that makes me not quite normal. But who cares?
Yearning leads to learning.
Hopefully earning.

I have definitely saved a bit of coin in the compulsive learning process. [Made compulsive only by its challenges. I definitely am not the compulsive type by nature; I would have had a handle on the food situation a lot sooner than by age 48 if I really was …]

Would have been fairly major coin (yes!) if I did not ever doubt my inner, inner intuitive guide.

If not earning, it still will have been worth it.

Not quite on the receiving end of that kind of leg-up, being merely a Student of Life. To wit:

“Microsoft offers free boost to CUNY students”, as reported in the New York Post of April 21, 2015.

These students of the City University of New York will get free downloads, good for 4 years—both full- and part-time students, in fact—of Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus. The list price was $79.99 “for the student version”. Guess maybe it was cheaper than what I have which I’d  bought at Best Buy—because it did not include OneNote.  Um, according to the notes on my download card of Office 2013 (Home and Student), not so.  They’ve seemingly got gobs of features for the price.  [How else would students be able to take notes in class or elsewhere without fumbling with Notepad-type apps?  How would they post live links?  How would they post mixed media?  How would they have secure(-ish) cloud backup?  I believe I’ve cloud-enabled my OneNote by now, though I cannot easily check.  I have no other “smart” devices (to be “across devices” with) and the internet café near me does not have Windows 8.1

Anyway, I am not a student at CUNY.

And above all, good on Microsoft!

This does not bode for the threat of too much competition from the CUNY students who may be graduating between now and 4 years from now (do not know the time frame for the Microsoft offer) … I am in the same market for the minor-functionary-type, possibly 25 hour a week (who knows if any more in an environment in which people’s hours are cut left and right?) jobs they too may fill—though not entry-level per se

If that software could have macro-enabled features; they could really go to town!

Because maybe they need some of that anger nonsense too, to want to use the software for more than just term papers and a swap-out for static, bullet-point manually drawn slides.  To use Excel (my first love, btw) as more than just glorified, green-eyeshades-type accounting paper or charting for science labs …

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